Robotics Craft


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA



The USC Robocraft studio hypothesizes that increasingly automated parametric design processes lead to inhuman perfection, sterility, and soulless results and that the dissatisfaction with such design is due to the absence of the “hand.” Through an opportunistic intersection of research into the line as a formal and structural geometric construct, and practice with emerging fabrication techniques, this studio will attempt to find the missing core resulting from the digital transformation of architecture.

The studio studies what can be discovered/realized/achieved/learned when computationally derived “perfect” lines, created in the virtual world, are made “real” through physics, tectonics and making. Students analyze what unexpected characteristics can be found in the actual constructs and ask are there capabilities, flaws, or even failures latent or inherent in the fabrication techniques themselves that might lead back to the valuable qualities of analog- and hand-making. With these questions in mind, the studio investigates the line as a dual-purpose medium for simultaneously realizing structure and making space.