cultural projects

Vertebrae redefines craft. Founded by architect Lisa Little in 2012, the firm operates at the intersection of computation, engineering, and artistic skill. We see craft at all scales from the object to architecture to the urban realm. Our work ranges from residential and commercial commissions to sculpture and large-scale public installations.

Vertebrae use machines—digital and analog tools—to manifest universal architectural principles: harmony, rhythm, asymmetry, and balance. A Los Angeles-based practice versed in the history of Southern California’s rich technological and spatial experimentations, Vertebrae follows in the trajectory of the Light and Space art movement of the 1960s by using emergent materials and cutting-edge fabrication techniques to design environments that offer a dynamic play of light, volume, and scale.

Recent projects include private residences, commercial interiors, and large-scale artworks and have appeared in the LA Times, Interior Design, The California Design Biennial, and numerous museums and galleries.